Commodity use flow

Commodity use flow-Binly Leather Fabric Cleaner
It adopts natural eco-ingredients and don’t hurt leather and cloth. It won’t pollute the environment. It will clean the spots on the leathers and the textiles efficiently.

Commodity use flow-Binly Leather Polish Cream
We research this product for leather maintenance. It adopts moderate hydrophilic stuff. After applying it to the leather surface, it will form the pearl film. It can prevent the grease, humidity and mold from sopping into the leather to extend the life of the leather.

Commodity use flow-Binly Leather Lotion
The crack, abrasion, mold and fading of the leather results from overusing, friction, sunning and oxidation. It will reveal the new colors with this product. It will make the leather surfaces smooth and form the protection film. It not only reduces the friction between clothes and leathers, but nourishes the leather, makes the leather soft and flexible and extends the leather’s life.


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