Commodity use flow-Binly Leather Lotion

You will find out that you can wash and maintain your brand bags by yourself easily and cleanly!

The context below will inform you what kind of bags can be cleaned up the most efficiently, the way you clean, which part can be improved. Please read in detail..

No matter it is black or brown , if you use GUCCI cloth bags for a long time, they look gray and dark. This is because the dust in the air block up the chinks and reduce glossiness. Drop the Binly Leather Lotion on the sponges (Cloth is easy to make pills, suggest don't scrub with the towels). Scrub with attached sponges uniformly.

Every other year, the colors of the original monogram bags on LV leather are a little different. No matter it is new or old, keep it the original color saturation in a simple way. It is simple. Drop the Binly Leather Lotion on the sponges and make a circle to scrub uniformly. You will find the glossiness and the saturation of the color will appear. It is suitable for other material bags. It does not represent it can protect merely glossy. The leather pores indeed can absorb deeply. The Binly Leather Lotion will form the wax first. The slight brightness will appear. But, only make a circle to scrub, you will find the leather glossier.

Many metals on the bags also don't shine for the humid climate in Taiwan. Usually, we will scrub the metals with the cloth . Now, there is a simpler way. Drop the Binly Leather Cream on the cotton pads, then, make a circle to scrub uniformly. Press slightly to scrub in the same direction. Don't scrub back and forth to avoid abrasion. Maintain the leather and the metal at the same time. Lv leather cause the fingerprints easily. Most of LV accessories will provide you an exclusive wiping cloth. But you can't always scrub at any time. Now, only use the Binly leather lotion, it will form a protective film on the outer layer. It not only avoid printing and dyeing, but protect it from rain, spots and fingerprints.

It is wide to use the Binly Leather lotion-superfine leather wallets-No matter cloth, leather, special materials, you can use it without worrying about it. The outer cloth, the leather and metal and the inner leather need scrub more to enhance the leather's toughness and let you use smoothly. In the best kidskin works, you can feel the leather change after using the Binly Leather Lotion. Don't need to use much. Even though the leather having scratch, fading and drying cause crack, abrasion and fading. Don't wait to mildew and fade. After using it, you will find zipping smooth and the metals being bright.

Brand watches, precious metals, leather, watchbands, leather girdles, canvas etc. To save your money, wash and maintain many kinds of material bags by yourself.



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