Commodity use flow-Binly Leather Polish Cream

The maintenance of LV leather

The context below will inform you why the Binly Polish Cream can make the bags reveal the original shape. Don't spend time drying the bags in the sun,and don't worry the OEM protective film is not enough. It is easy to form the second and the third protective film.

Many girls that likes superfine-works love the LV leather. If it get dirty, it will be big troubles. In general, it combines aniline original leather without dying. Thus, the pores are extreme slight and the leather is delicate.

Because the original patterns are so beautiful, the new bags don't always wish to get dirty. But the original protective layers seem to get dirty soon. It is easy to make bags dirty in the climate and outer environment in Taiwan, still less it is the original leather material.

The binly Polish Cream's advantage is when you buy the new bags, apply it to the leather, it will enhance the original protective film. The more protective film is used, the more spots and the color changes are avoided.

Most importantly, when applying the Binly Leather Polish Cream to the original leather, it won't make the color change. Nowadays, other products can't make it in the market. No matter how many layer you apply, the Binly Leather Polish Cream that can be soluble in water also remove easily. Only need to apply again, it will form the protection again.

It is easy to be scratched on the corner of the bags. Over a long period of time, the unavoidable conditions make you headache. Sending back to counter can't be fixed. Only being dyed and finished can work,but it is very expensive. After dyeing and finishing,it is not comfortable to touch it. If it only dyes partly, the color will be slightly different.

Now, the binly Leather Polish Cream let you fix easily. First, brush the damaged leather fabric smoothly with soft brushes. After press slightly, soak a little Polish Cream and apply it to the abrasion places. Scrub on the abrasion places slightly and many times. Please don't press too hard, especially the delicate leather. You will find it have restored the original colors on the abrasion places and have become glossy. It represents it have finished restoring the fur direction of the abrasion leather.

After abrasion, Chanel black kidskin bag will be fixed by yourself.

You feel the delicate Chanel kidskin bags touch smoothly. It is very expensive, but it is easy to scratch. If you see the abrasion, you will want to cry and have no tears.

Now you don't need to spend money on handling. Use the Binly Leather Polish Cream to save the brand bags by yourself. It is easy to use.

Soak appropriate amount of the Binly Leather Polish Cream with the brushes. Moisten the Binly Leather Polish Cream on the abrasion places, and make the pores on the leather absorb the Binly Leather Polish Cream. Wait for about 3-5 minutes.

You can feel foggy on the damaged leather. Don't worry. Wait for the Binly Leather Polish Cream being absorbed by the leather pores.

First, press the damaged places with cotton pads or cotton. Then, press the fur directions of the leather to the original places. Now, the leather pores that are filled with the Binly Leather Polish Cream will stick the damaged leather on the original places.

You will find the abrasion unapparent,but the gloss of the original kidskin won't restore yet.

The pores that press back must push even, so it can combine with the original leather. Thus, you will still find the abrasion exist slightly from some angles.

Make a circle back and forth with cotton pads or brushes. Combine with the original fur directions with polishing and waxing continuously. It may be press hard to scrub several times. If the abrasion is serious, you need to repeat two to four times.

Now, you will see the abrasion disappeared. Only the Binly Leather Polish Cream make it.

After using it , the leather will be restored effectively until you satisfy. The pores of the leather have been fixed from any angles. Even it is better than the original.

After fixing, use the Binly Leather Lotion. It makes the bags restore the gloss again. It will cause mutli-layer protection to avoid spots, mold, shallow abrasion, leather's aging, the climate's and the leather problem occurring

binly series products are easy to use and maintain the brand bags easily.



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